Road Trip Music Mix


When on my recent summer kick-off road trip, iPhone was my right hand man. I used it for GPS and I used it to check road conditions up ahead. I used it for hotel recommendations (on Yelp; awesome). And I used it to identify good tunes to download.

Shazam is a cool app I’ve had on my phone for a year but have never really used (am I the only one who has ALOT of these?). But on this trip, whenever a song I liked played on the radio, I used Shazam to listen to it and then tag it so I would have a list of music to download later. Which I did today. Now I have a road trip playlist with 31 songs and it reminds me of driving 2742 fascinating miles up and down the west coast of America. That I have accomplished such a thing makes me smile, especially the part about managing the technology to make my experience better. Oh, and I finally figured out how to properly use my car’s cruise control as well.

Life is all about the little accomplishments.

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