Refrigerator Madness

I have been doing this job for more than 20 years and I have never seen nor heard of anything like this: an over the counter refrigerator, lined in pink no less. But here today, in Laurelhurst, pinnacle of all that’s proper in the world, I found that such a thing actually exists. I searched the internet to learn more about it, but no information was readily available. So let me be one who documents it here. For posterity.

In the words of my cohort Spafford Robbins, This is too good.

According to the listing, the estate can’t guarantee the condition of things. But who cares? It’s thrilling to see the exuberance of an era expressing itself in such a tilted way. And I assume this refrigerator served a family well for half a century (according to tax records).

While I have no hope at all it will exist beyond the sale of the home in which it resides, I am glad to find it has existed at all.

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