Door to Door Delivery

Each December, as the year comes to its conclusion, I get out and deliver calendars to my clients and friends. Door to door. It gives me a wonderful chance to reconnect with people I like and with whom I have history. Sometimes, when I am lucky, I get invited in for a look at a new baby, or a kitchen remodel. Sometimes, the entire home has been remodeled and I am offered a tour. That’s a pretty thrilling thing for me. Especially when the remodel is inspired and/or inspiring.

Like this one today, in Leschi.

Simply beautiful throughout.

I also got to photograph the photogenic gardens.

The photogenic gardens looked even prettier when framed by the photogenic dog in residence, Rubin. We hadn’t yet been introduced, but today we were – another fantastic perk of my job, saying hello all the creatures in residence.

I learned that Rubin keeps an account of his daily activities here on his blog:, replete with dog photos and dog stories. Check it out.

Will wonders never cease?

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