Camano Island Interlude

Don’t you just adore it when you see a girl with style? I do. I definitely do.

It’s especially uplifting when the girl is only nine years old. It was her birthday, so stylish was definitely called for.

On Saturday we combined our book group gathering on Camano Island with the birthday party, and it was a glorious affair. We had a little bit of book discussion (The Imperfectionists by Tom Rachman – lovely!) and a lot of chat about other things, like landscaping. While drinking wine.

And how the house next door just sold for $1.6 million after 410 days on the market (really handy to have MLS access while sitting by the outside fireplace).

Just like last year, Olive kept an eye on the little brown squirrels, and they kept an eye on her.

And then some of us girls took a walk on the beach. We carried back rocks for the garden path.



Newly nine year old Olivia says we are a billion times more fun than her grandma’s other book club…

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