Mod Squad

Tonight, I am plotting my strategy for tomorrow’s brokers open house tour. I peruse the listings that will be open, review the ones I’ve already seen, dismiss the ones that aren’t particularly relevant to me at the moment, and come up with a list of properties I intend to visit. This list is usually winnowed down no more than a dozen most weeks. Tomorrow I have only four so far that make my list. I’ll check again in the morning maybe. Something new might turn up.

In real estate, we truly are agents, though not exactly secret agents. More like agents who manage change. Or, better than that, agents with a specific mission, which is: help clients meet their real estate goals and make smart investment strategies. Step by step.

Oh, and fulfill dreams.

That’s the most important and best part of the mission, always.

Isn’t that right, guys?

Agents Petrak and Harris. As recently seen at 1703 39th Avenue in Denny Blaine, Agent Harris‘s cool fixer listing in a primo location. It might well be my most favorite neighborhood location in all Seattle. Historic!  The outlooks are simply magical here. 

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