Though The Weather Outside Is Frightful

This week, the one after Thanksgiving week-end, a week that will include December, it has been my favorite week of the year in which to list a property for sale. A counter-intuitive strategy since many assume the market has gone dormant but here’s why it works: no competition.

And whatever day of the year it is, there is always a buyer out there who wants to buy a house. In fact, said buyer might have more time now than usual because he works at a tech company or a law firm that grants time off in December while their business is slower, too. I’ve had buyers call me to see listings on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, and New Year’s Eve. I once got an offer on a new listing two days after Christmas when the house was listed a few days before Christmas. Magic!

To illustrate the impact of seasonal lack of inventory, the two sales in my office reported from last week were for two listings currently off the market for the holidays. Intrepid buying agents had searched expired and cancelled listings in the MLS to find properties to show their clients, Serious Buyers. Qualified buyers who wrote acceptable and accepted offers. These buyers are the ones you want. Even if it has officially become the holiday season. And most brokers I know would welcome a chance to work a few more days in 2011 before it ends.

As seen one year ago today, Nomember 28, 2010, the reservoir at Cal Anderson Park, frozen by icy weather. 

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