Winter Lite

I am determined, I really am, to invest all my productive energy in continuing to be of service in the shifting sands of residential real estate. And I’ve been keeping pretty busy since the year began. But I believe it is equally important to celebrate each precious birthday in as big a way as possible, so this year, I flew to Balboa Island for a long week-end to visit my mom, see my sister and my darling son Jack. We experienced the most beautiful weather any of us could remember in the past few years. Certainly, we had nicer days this past week-end than any summer day I’ve seen in the OC in two or three years. Paradise!

Jack on the beach cruiser, Lido Island.


The best elementary school playground anywhere, Balboa Peninsula. 


Middle aged hockey guys, Balboa Peninsula.


Balboa Island cat.


Bikinis and stand-up paddle boards on the Grand Canal.



Valet parking at The Ritz, Newport Center. Fancy!


Sunset from Balboa Island boardwalk.


Catalina Island was etched onto the horizon every day of my visit. I’ve never seen that before for so many days in a row. 

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