Victorian Cottage

Lack of inventory is a lament I keep hearing lately. What this complaint doesn’t specify but should is that we what we are actually lacking is saleable inventory. Not everyone has the wherewithal to take on a short sale. Properties that have been on the market for months or that are otherwise distressed just seem to clog up the works, skewing statistics and keeping the market from functioning properly. Anecdotally anyway, lack of inventory is an interesting component of our real estate marketplace this season as we approach spring.

In spite of it, though, our office had four good sales reported last week: two long held listings, and two properties in pricey Denny Blaine, one a vacant lot that sold around $900,000 with multiple offers.

And speaking of multiple offers, looks like this new office listing in Bryant will be receiving them. Deservedly so, I think, because it’s a sweetheart, high ceilings, spacious day rooms filled with antique woodwork, large windows.

2825 Northeast 54th Street, Seattle. Asking price $429,950. Built in 1908. Two bedrooms, one bath. Basement with high ceilings and good light. Interior square footage 2330 on a 5000 square foot lot. Walk three blocks to University Village.

For more info and photos, click here.

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