Shop On Wheels

In Seattle’s residential real estate market, we have entered what may be the slowest two weeks of the year, slow now until just after Thanksgiving. New listings barely trickle onto the MLS, and it feels a little quiet. Schools were closed with Veterans Day being observed. Vacations have begun, or, if not yet begun, they are beckoning. Only a handful of colleagues showed up yesterday for our Monday morning meeting with open house activity reportedly slow, while in downtown Seattle over the week-end I heard and saw throngs of people visiting from other places.

The holiday season is upon us.

So in the spirit of this ever-expanding season for spending opportunities, I am going to give you a tip about a really cool place to shop in Seattle that is a little off the radar. Travel to Georgetown in south Seattle on the week-end and find a marvelous local flea market called Georgetown Trailer Park Mall, home to several Airstream and other vintage travel trailers and merchants with an artistic bent.

The reason I know about the Trailer Park Mall is because this is where I went this past Saturday in order to see my friend Mary’s newest endeavor, a big green bus housing Free Range Mercantile, a sort of hardware store lite, on wheels, Mary’s very own genius concept. She joins the Trailer Park Mall on Saturdays.

Mary describes her business this way: A mobile mercantile selling sustainable, useful home and hardware products at markets and gatherings around Seattle. Products are sustainable, domestically sourced or fairly traded. 

Free Range Mercantile does carry useful items, items that are also beautiful, such as all manner of brushes. 


And these natural household soaps with darling wrappers.

While there, I couldn’t resist buying a long, thin, black horsehair brush to clean under my refrigerator and other hard to reach places for only $3.00. It’s a beauty. I also bought a stainless steel survival lighter, the old fashioned kind with a flint, very petite!

Mary, the proprietor, will gladly tell you that Free Range Mercantile is a hardware store for chicks, but I say it will appeal to many kinds of shoppers, as it definitely did on Saturday .

Free Range Mercantile also regularly travels to West Seattle on Sundays where it accompanies the West Seattle Farmers Market.

You can follow the big green bus’s schedule and get updates here. You know you want to. It’s pretty cool. Hooray for local merchants!

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