My New Ride

Car2Go is the new sensation in Seattle. Their fleet of white with blue Smart cars drive by me on the streets continually!

I have been car-sharing since I sold my own car last April, but these have been casual arrangements between friends and family who have cars with which they have been generous. As my wise friend Alan Durning points out, most people’s cars sit unused about 90% of the time.

Infringing on family and friends can only be tolerated for so long, though. And I wanted a little more independence. So as of yesterday, I am a card-carrying member at Car2Go, and I have begun happily availing myself of the service, twice so far. It’s such a cinch. I look at their app on my iPhone, or I log on their site on my computer at home to see where the closest Car2Go sits at a curb, I reserve it, walk two or three blocks over to it, swipe my card on the reader in the window, hop-in, and drive away.

My credit card will be charged for each minute I drive, $.38 cents plus tax. This includes gas, insurance, and parking. Never feed a meter! When I reach my destination, I park the car, swipe my card again on the reader, and walk away, leaving the car for the next Car2Go member who needs it.

I’m not sure it fills every driving need a Realtor might have, but it’s a really nice option. And pretty fun, too.






All photos courtesy of Daimler Global Media


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