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Wild Weather, Wild Market


My oh my, what a spring it is. This afternoon, a thunder, rain and wind storm felled trees across the region, including one that crashed onto I-5 and closed the southbound lanes through Shoreline at rush hour. Crazy stories abound.

And the stories we’ve heard about this past week’s market activity are wild, too, exactly like the weather today. The pace of in-city real estate sales continues to be very brisk! At GBK we had ten more sales reported for the past week, from Alki to Clyde Hill and all around central Seattle, including this eclectic Leschi home, an urban treehouse, listed for $630,000: GetMedia.ashxGetMedia-2.ashx

And this little Victorian cottage in Ballard, priced at $398,000:Charming 1900 bungalow with Victorian detailing, cedar siding, b

These days, it’s a good practice to hang on to your hats.


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