2014 Arrives, Off to a Murky Start

At midnight, our Space Needle fireworks display was shrouded in fog, disappearing into the last minutes of 2013, only a flicker of light here and there and then gone completely. But the boom boom boom percussion of the fireworks signaled the progression of the show, right along to its exceedingly explosive end.


(you have to squint, fireworks in the middle of the frame)

From my rooftop deck I was surrounded, up high like that, by my Capitol Hill neighbors out on their own rooftops or on their westward facing decks, whooping it up, ghostly in the fog.


A good way to dispel winter gloom, though, is to wake up early on New Year’s Day, and tune in to watch the Rose Parade, blue skies always in Pasadena. And then, for a short spell this afternoon, the sun broke through here in Seattle, too, a cheerful harbinger for the start of 2014.

Happy New Year to all. May it be bright.


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