Closings and Openings

Today is the real day the year starts. But remember, residential brokers don’t truly rest, no matter the day nor the season. It’s just that this first Monday is the one that brings us back to day-to-day life in the new year. So, here we are. We begin 2014 with four office sales and the promise of several new listings next Monday. We feel optimistic. Seattle is still such a real estate hot spot with our tech hub and a progressive, thriving cultural scene.

Also, it’s beautiful here.


photo courtesy of Ken Latz, GBK colleague, Thanksgiving 2013

Next Monday at GBK, we will review 2013 and commemorate some of the great moments, our accomplishments. This is always inspiring and fun. In anticipation, I have been reviewing my own business from the past year. Here are some of my own great moments.





Can I tell you how much I love closings? They are the best!


I can’t wait to see what closings 2014 will bring.


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