Winging Our Way

Would you believe, flowers are starting to bloom around here? In January? I saw them today with my own two eyes while walking home from the office. How welcome is that?

So here we go, flying high towards our always robust, ever welcome, spring market. At GBK  this week we celebrated (with pastry and deviled eggs) a record breaking 2013 and reported four more 2014 sales, including this town home in Madison Valley, listed for $479,000 and sold with four offers for well over asking price.GetMedia-1.ashx

I was interested to hear this especially because I may list one like it nearby a little later in the season. My seller has just been waiting for prices to come back up to where they once were. We seem to have arrived at that place.

Meanwhile, I have been working on a sale in a condo building that features this spectacular view from its rooftop deck. It is a pleasure to visit the building often while doing so. GetMedia-2.ashx

2014, looking good. Let’s plan to soar!

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