Parade of Boom

As you must have heard (more likely, as you cannot help but know), seven hundred thousand of us gathered along two miles of Fourth Avenue in downtown Seattle yesterday to celebrate the Seahawks Superbowl victory, a legion of 12’s. Since there was absolutely no room at street level, and though it was a festive, fun scene, we went to the rooftops for a better view.

We found it at Frolik Kitchen and Bar at the Red Lion on 5th Ave. This turned out to be genius. A bird’s-eye view with more of the same happy vibe felt everywhere these past four days. We drank bloody Marias and reveled and added our voices to the loud for which Seattle has become legend.





Marshawn Lynch on the front of the Sea Gals duck boat, tossing Skittles, catching Skittles.



The team rides in Humvees so as to be more visible to the crowd.



Pete Carroll. He’s so cool. 




Happy people everywhere. 



As the parade passes, the crowd fills in. 



Seahawks nation. 

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