Happy Full Moon In Scorpio

The full moon. It occurred at 23 degrees today, a detail I read on the internet but don’t actually know what it means, or if it’s even a real thing. But this is what the full moon looked like at 9:30-ish tonight from Bhy Kracke park on Queen Anne, shining its light in the darkest places.



So far this week, after a serious moment at closing…


…we took ourselves to a celebratory dinner at an iconic special occasion place (whose name will become obvious as you scroll along with me). However, the valet parking man was completely flummoxed by the camera I produced for our smiling photo, and all I was able to record of that moment was this poorly shot evidence of our visit.

IMG_1405 IMG_1409

It was an uncharacteristically warm evening, memorable.

Never mind, though. Regeneration is at hand. Or something.





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