Double Nickel Day

Some things happened today.

The sun shone brightly in Seattle and we set a temperature record for this date, 61 degrees,

while Jack Saver was sent home from work early in Boston so he could button himself up at home in time to avoid the life-threatening blizzard,

and Declan Saver took flight from Oahu for his second Navy deployment, heading to Europe I assume.

Also, I became 55 years of age. Happy birthday to me (I used to love birthdays,  but now I have realized how rather unkind they have been in recent years and feel less excited). Because it was my birthday, I was required by the state of Washington to renew my real estate license which entailed finishing my continuing education courses (online, last minute, but on time). Then I went for a bike ride through Myrtle Edwards Park. You know, making the most of it.



I’m glad I was born because then these two fellas could be born, too.




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