Winter Wonder

IMG_3038Juno the Blizzard deposited two feet of snow in Boston over the past twenty-four hours creating a city-wide snow day, recorded and transmitted to me today via Snapchat video (gone in an instant, sigh). On the news tonight, I saw surfers surfing in the Atlantic ocean as it continued to snow, making merry. Brrr.

While I luxuriated in our record breaking warm Seattle day yesterday, and I don’t imagine choosing to live a city impacted so dramatically by weather, I did find Boston to be a handsome, grounded, elegant place when I visited in October.



Boston is well-preserved American history.



Mailman in training. 



Patriotic hat shop.



Bike lane.



Dogs on Beacon Hill. 



The Old Northern Avenue Bridge swings open for a pleasure craft.

Very pleasant walking about weather we had, though Jack Saver did say, ominously, just wait until January.

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