On Chuckanut Drive

This is what is looks like in the Northwest right now. Dark and dreamy. IMG_2223

That’s right. I called it dreamy! NOT dreary. But it is dark. I’ll admit that much. The days are lengthening though, and that hope for more light is heartening.

I took this pic from along Chuckanut Drive yesterday. Another cure for the season: Take a day trip to Bellingham, sit awhile in a cafe with coffee, drive along scenic highway Chuckanut Drive on the way home. The moss on the tree branches is so lush right now, and you can see through the less leafy forest to the water.


Before you get all the way back to Seattle, stop at the Conway Pub and Eatery  just south of Mount Vernon and right off I-5, where the cheeseburgers are widely regarded as the best around. It is a funky, lively place with really decent food. Small town life.





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