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My business, as you would expect, takes me from place to place to place. And our current market remains so brisk that my own pace must keep up. In the past week I have been all over, and along the way I collected a few snapshots of some things that caught my eye.


Downtown Bellevue’s burgeoning skyline and my favorite store Nordstrom, as seen from the Vuecrest neighborhood. 



Erica’s new sofa, pillow, and blanket combination struck a good vibe. 



Is that an aviary atop that Capitol Hill foursquare? 



And, a few blocks further along, the Women’s Century Club has left its place of residence after 90 years here at the corner of Harvard and Roy.



On Beacon Hill, Jefferson Skate Park is lively any time of day while the sun keeps shining in February. 

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  • Reply Tracy Lawlor 02/20/2015 at 9:02 pm

    Nice. So glad you are having some sun and decent weather.

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