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While Waiting


This is the excruciating time between submitting an offer and waiting to hear our fate. The house is straight and solid, the neighborhood is quiet, the price is good; I expect they are reviewing about eight offers on it RIGHT NOW. I know my buyers are anxious, and I am anxious, too. We can try all we like to adapt a que sera, sera attitude, but in these most intense moments of waiting, all that woo-woo shit sort of goes out the window.

Meanwhile, in an effort to keep busy and not fret, let’s reflect on another recent offer situation with success its lucky outcome. In this case, my sweet and savvy buyers prevailed over 15 (!) offers. Now they are on to homeowner things like how will we fit ourselves into this pretty but petite house ? And, should we expand now or wait a year to get a feel for things around here? I have been happy to listen in on meetings with a contractor and an architect. So many interesting ideas flow when talented people brainstorm.



With a backyard like this, lingering while dreaming of home improvements will be pleasant.



Looking out at the gardens from inside is worthy of a linger as well.



And, I know the kitchen is a little spartan, but isn’t it still very charming?



Home Sweet Home.


This truly is what makes the current status of excruciating limbo worthwhile in the end, a concept I am focusing on while still waiting…


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