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Last week, my buyer client prevailed in a multiple offer situation. Six offers, we were told. This winning offer was very strong but did contain a two day inspection contingency. Luckily! Because the beautifully remodeled and ready to move in home turned out to be not at all what it appeared. The home had new kitchen and baths and floors, yes. An open floor plan on a somewhat private lot, adjacent to a horse pasture.


Beneath the brand new roof was an attic filled with soggy, decomposing insulation and rodent feces.

A new, not-permitted electric panel was installed properly, BUT there were ungrounded outlets in every room, outlets that didn’t work at all, and no ground-fault circuit interrupters, or GFCI’s, as required in the kitchen, baths, and garage.

In the crawl space underneath the home was standing water, convoluted plumbing that sagged in places, and leaks coming from the two newly installed bathrooms above.

The new siding was also not installed properly which will eventually result in water intrusion if not redone. Many windows needed work.

While this home did appear to be move in ready, my buyer was not willing to live with so many behind the scenes issues and we wondered what else had been covered up. The buyer disapproved the inspection, offer rescinded (our concerns were dismissed as “cold feet” by the listing broker).

Moral of the story: Always have an inspection!

I thought the home’s best feature was the horse pasture next door.


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    Nay said the buyer. Neigh brayed the horses.

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