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Required from the Rooftops


One way to get a view in West Seattle is to get up high!

IMG_3299 (1)

I’ve been noticing lately that roof top decks have become de rigueur in new construction townhomes throughout Seattle. They provide outside space which is more and more at a premium, and, sometimes, they provide views all around.

IMG_3296 (1)


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Surprises Around Every Turn


Just when I think I might be at last up to speed on Seattle’s condo buildings and their particulars, I come across something surprising and delightful that makes me glad I am not.


I cannot remember a time when a client said to me: Please find me something outside of town, the further the better.

Instead, what most everyone wants, in my experience, is: As close to downtown Seattle as possible.

So I circle around these one hundred year old neighborhoods and continue discovering, layer after layer.

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Not Quite Back


School is supposed to start tomorrow in Seattle, but the teachers are hitting the picket lines instead and school is cancelled district-wide, allowing children everywhere another day of summer.


To get my own self in the mood for back to school, I have been working on a website update. I wanted to begin the school year right, like having a new autumn outfit and a stash of fresh Pee-Chee folders.images I thought it would be a smart way to start again after a long hiatus.

However, building a new website makes my brain hurt more than anything I ever tried to learn in school (except statistics). And it demonstrates how many times earth has rotated since I was a student. I am not quite ready. Do kids still carry Pee-Chee folders?


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Luma Rising


None of those imposing buildings being built all along the Pike/Pine are slated to be condos. Not any of them. All rental apartments. So many rental apartments.

Until now, that is. This was made utterly official with the opening of the Luma sales office Saturday, located at 907 East Pike Street, just east of Broadway. We have been just waiting.


Luma itself will be built at Boylston and Seneca on adjacent First Hill, is actually well underway. I took a walk all around it today and peered in through the construction fencing. Already the hole is dug deep. I noted that Luma at 24 stories will not rise as high as venerable First Hill Plaza, its 33-story condominium neighbor to the south. Still it will be impressive at its perfectly located site. Building completion is estimated as Summer 2016. Contracts on it not accepted until June 1st.


Prices will begin at $350,000 for a 602 square foot one bedroom and go up past $1,000,000. The Seattle PI nicely sums up the not quite priced assortment here. But stopping in at the sales center is best because you can check out the finishes, see a fully built-out kitchen, and play with the cool interactive displays. Also, meet Julie McAvoy and Larry Ahrens, sales director and associate respectively. They are believers and it is infectious. It’s easy to predict that the Seattle market will enthusiastically embrace this timely project.


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While Waiting


This is the excruciating time between submitting an offer and waiting to hear our fate. The house is straight and solid, the neighborhood is quiet, the price is good; I expect they are reviewing about eight offers on it RIGHT NOW. I know my buyers are anxious, and I am anxious, too. We can try all we like to adapt a que sera, sera attitude, but in these most intense moments of waiting, all that woo-woo shit sort of goes out the window.

Meanwhile, in an effort to keep busy and not fret, let’s reflect on another recent offer situation with success its lucky outcome. In this case, my sweet and savvy buyers prevailed over 15 (!) offers. Now they are on to homeowner things like how will we fit ourselves into this pretty but petite house ? And, should we expand now or wait a year to get a feel for things around here? I have been happy to listen in on meetings with a contractor and an architect. So many interesting ideas flow when talented people brainstorm.



With a backyard like this, lingering while dreaming of home improvements will be pleasant.



Looking out at the gardens from inside is worthy of a linger as well.



And, I know the kitchen is a little spartan, but isn’t it still very charming?



Home Sweet Home.


This truly is what makes the current status of excruciating limbo worthwhile in the end, a concept I am focusing on while still waiting…


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Out and About


My business, as you would expect, takes me from place to place to place. And our current market remains so brisk that my own pace must keep up. In the past week I have been all over, and along the way I collected a few snapshots of some things that caught my eye.


Downtown Bellevue’s burgeoning skyline and my favorite store Nordstrom, as seen from the Vuecrest neighborhood. 



Erica’s new sofa, pillow, and blanket combination struck a good vibe. 



Is that an aviary atop that Capitol Hill foursquare? 



And, a few blocks further along, the Women’s Century Club has left its place of residence after 90 years here at the corner of Harvard and Roy.



On Beacon Hill, Jefferson Skate Park is lively any time of day while the sun keeps shining in February. 

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Seahawk Nation


It’s surprising, really, that we are getting anything done this week in Seattle with the Superbowl close at hand and so much excitement surrounding it. This morning, local rockstar Dave Mathews helped hoist a new Seahawks flag from the top of the Space Needle to replace the tattered one. Many Seattle denizens have flown the coop, gone to join the party in Phoenix, even if they don’t actually have tickets to the game. Blue and green attire is worn around town as if a uniform.

And it’s just as well we have this distraction because real estate-wise, we still suffer an acute lack of inventory, the issue that has plagued us city wide for over a year and has actually gotten worse since 2015 began. Maybe so many would-be sellers are awaiting the outcome of the game before proceeding with listing their properties for sale. Could a Seahawks win make local real estate even more valuable?

The Seattle Seahawks: another excellent reason to want to claim Seattle as home…


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South Lake Union Under Siege


These vast construction sites are each within shouting distance of one another in South Lake Union where entire city blocks have been given over to the developers. Hard to believe, isn’t it, that even with all this building boom, Seattle’s growth is expected to exceed available space for it. Today, while I walked through this formerly low-slung neighborhood, I hoped like I usually do that we know what we’re doing.