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things I like

Bright Blue


Thank you for stepping into the new year along with me. I have it on good authority that it is going to be sweet, easy to believe when the brightest, most hopeful day of all actually is bright, with blue skies from dawn to dusk. Magnificent!

2016, you’re looking very fine from here.


The Saint, cool neighborhood taqueria and tequila spot at the foot of Capitol Hill.

things I like

Super Bowl Bound..Again!


Everyone’s a Seahawks fan in Seattle today. Yesterday, too. Even before the sensational win against Green Bay. The thrum of celebration and pride beats city-wide: blue and green scarves and hats and number 12 flags on cars. Conversation overheard in coffee shops and at the grocery check-out is football-centric, enthusiastic, giddy and glad. Our local herd of construction cranes each fly their salute to our team high above, and number 12 banners wave from those skyscrapers already built, from the Smith Tower to the Columbia Center to the Space Needle. Sometimes, spontaneous horn-honking breaks out at the sight of some particularly festive display.

Basically, you can’t swing a cat around here without hitting something Seahawks.

(An advisor of mine likes to say this about Realtors, but that is not today’s topic).

Oh, it is thrilling to be a little bit a part of it all.  Go Hawks.


things I like

Somewhere Over The Rainbow


Welcome to Seattle’s 40th anniversary of Gay Pride celebration in our famously tolerant city. All week-end long it has been loud, proud, and very, very colorful around here.










things I like

Garage Sale Bonanza


The entire West Seattle community hosted a district-wide garage sale today. Over 280 participants each posted their location on an online map (hosted by and, from what I saw, business was brisk.



My friend Mary was selling half-price wares from her big green bus.


Exciting news! The bus is also for sale: $12,500. 1997 30′ Thomas Built School Bus. 216K miles, recently out of service from Las Vegas school district. Cummins diesel engine, wheel chair lift with custom stairs, new oil filters for biodiesel use.

Imagine all the fun you could have this summer with the big green bus.

If interested, message Mary. She’d be glad to give you all the deets.


things I like



Seattleites. What’s with all the long faces? A little day of rain shouldn’t get you down. Rain is good. Rain makes your surroundings lush and verdant. Rain is refreshing. Rain washes the memories off the sidewalk of life. Also the dirt and cigarette butts and such. Thank goodness. Also, do you forget so quickly the many blue sky spring days you have had, and all the blossoms busting out all over?

photo 1 IMG_1190


How about patio dining while the sun is still rather high after 6 o’clock every evening lately? Pretty awesome, am I right?



If you are still grumbly about your rainy weather, just think of those poor sots in Detroit. Or those other ones in Northern Arkansas, Boston, or any of the other places it just keeps snowing. In April. For heaven’s sake, people, time to wake up and smell the cherry blossoms. They’re really fragrant right now. And what about tulips? Can you believe they grow right out of the ground along the way where you live? How lucky and fine is that?



Just sayin’.

Very truly, Mother Nature.

things I like



With warmer, dryer days, I begin to long again for my own bicycle.

Can’t you just see it? I know I sure have been.


It must have a bell and a basket, I’m thinking. And at least six speeds; Seattle is, after all, mostly a hilly place. Even so, though, the city has embraced cycling. We are installing a two-way bike lane along Broadway on Capitol Hill, another is coming to Ravenna –  I just read that today, and bike lanes seem to painted all over town anymore, wherever you go, wanting us to be like Paris. Or Amsterdam. Which is a charming thing, and getting to be more practical.

And anyway, bike riding is fun.



Coasting, as seen on Denny Way this evening, while I was merely walking. 


things I like

No Foolin’


It’s easy to be grumpy when it’s April 1st and one must finally face the taxes due in two weeks. Woe!

It’s also a funny little holiday, though, and what’s this I espy out my window? Two blue relics, driving down the road.


About two hours later, while walking to my office through Cal Anderson park, I spotted the blue pair again.


I’m not sure it was meant to be a prank, but it did make me lighten up a little bit, even if I made hardly any progress at all on my taxes, except I now have receipts and paperwork spread from one end of my home office to the other…


things I like

Parade of Boom


As you must have heard (more likely, as you cannot help but know), seven hundred thousand of us gathered along two miles of Fourth Avenue in downtown Seattle yesterday to celebrate the Seahawks Superbowl victory, a legion of 12’s. Since there was absolutely no room at street level, and though it was a festive, fun scene, we went to the rooftops for a better view.

We found it at Frolik Kitchen and Bar at the Red Lion on 5th Ave. This turned out to be genius. A bird’s-eye view with more of the same happy vibe felt everywhere these past four days. We drank bloody Marias and reveled and added our voices to the loud for which Seattle has become legend.





Marshawn Lynch on the front of the Sea Gals duck boat, tossing Skittles, catching Skittles.



The team rides in Humvees so as to be more visible to the crowd.



Pete Carroll. He’s so cool. 




Happy people everywhere. 



As the parade passes, the crowd fills in. 



Seahawks nation.