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Splendid Split


Mid-century homes made a big comeback a while ago, so it’s only right that this split-level join their ranks. Its appeal is undeniable with an open concept floor plan, vaulted ceilings, and picture windows that frame the gorgeous views.


Other cool features include a stunning slate fireplace and cork floors, upstairs and down.


The kitchen offers all the bells and whistles: slab granite counters, solid oak cabinets, stainless appliances, gas cooking, two sinks!


The grounds and gardens are abloom with plenty of privacy, and a great garden shed.

This is an oasis.

11822 79th Avenue South, Seattle 98178. Built in 1977. 3050 square feet on a lush 8820 square foot lot. Four bedrooms, three baths. Immaculate condition. Two-car attached garage. Garden shed. Splendid views and set on a quiet, private lane in the Bryn Mawr neighborhood of Seattle. Asking price $630,000.

Open Sunday, July 9th, 1-4 p.m.









The world, it keeps on changing. It is our human nature to resist this, but we are also defined to some degree by how we cope with change. In my little corner of the world, Auto Row is being replaced by tall, featureless walls with bland apartments inside, work-out gyms of every ilk, and locavore cafes, two or three to a block. I could do without most of it, but I do like the cafes.

At the foot of Capitol Hill, Starbucks will soon retrofit this particular auto row building into a neighborhood cafe and coffee roaster.



Also very soon, at the other end of the block, beloved Bauhaus coffee house will be demolished to make way for another tall wall of apartments.


It kinda makes my head spin most days, the change going on around Seattle, some of it good, some of it disconcerting.


God’s Eyes Are Everywhere!


Walking home from the office this evening, I was stopped short by the multitude of hot pink blossoms on a rhododendron tree in front of the Presbyterian church on the corner of Harvard and Howell. While gazing up close at it, one of these God’s eyes winked at me through the blooms, sort of startling me. And then I realized the tree was festooned with them. And the tree next to this one was, too. And so was another. Lots of colorful totems. Magical!

IMG_0006 IMG_0009 IMG_0013


High End Hijinks


It was another frenetic week for real estate in Seattle. Our office reported eleven sales, eight involved multiple offers, including one property in the Broadmoor listed for $4,250,000. Four of the reported sales, in fact, were listed for over a million dollars. It’s a whole lot of work for buyers and Realtors alike to continue to manage these roiling waters of real estate activity. We are feeling a little exhausted by it by now.

Here is a new office listing


Island Real Estate


At our Monday Morning meeting today, we had five sales reported that covered the map, from Redmond to Bridle Trails to Seward Park to West Seattle and then all the way to Orcas Island where $900,000 buys a very nice waterfront home according to Ben Chotzen who wrote up the sale.

Most interesting, though, was hearing about this 14 acre estate just listed on Maury Island’s waterfront. It purportedly was built by John Ratzenberger, the beloved Cliffy Clavin on Cheers, though he no longer owns it. For $6,500,000, this property includes a main residence, a carriage house and a guest house and  275 feet of waterfront. Impressive.


Road Trip Music Mix


When on my recent summer kick-off road trip, iPhone was my right hand man. I used it for GPS and I used it to check road conditions up ahead. I used it for hotel recommendations (on Yelp; awesome). And I used it to identify good tunes to download.

Shazam is a cool app I’ve had on my phone for a year but have never really used (am I the only one who has ALOT of these?). But on this trip, whenever a song I liked played on the radio, I used Shazam to listen to it and then tag it so I would have a list of music to download later. Which I did today. Now I have a road trip playlist with 31 songs and it reminds me of driving 2742 fascinating miles up and down the west coast of America. That I have accomplished such a thing makes me smile, especially the part about managing the technology to make my experience better. Oh, and I finally figured out how to properly use my car’s cruise control as well.

Life is all about the little accomplishments.


Hither and Yon


Over this first week-end in June, Olive and I found ourselves smack dab in the middle of some of our most pretty Northwest places.

Saturday we had lunch (a feast!) on ten acres in pastoral Hobart.

Hostess Connie gave us the champagne tour, which included a walk through her old cedar forest where frogs and owls reside.

No sooner were we landed back in Seattle than we got invited to sit on a boat on the ship canal while the sun went down.

Spectacular! And so much good company, too.




I finally get it. While I have been on Twitter for over a year, I only have ever used it to now and then to post something on my facebook page or else follow some of the fashion and lifestyle bloggers I read. But now I have found a whole new use for Twitter, a more intended purpose of it, I suppose. And that is to network with other people of similar pursuits, i.e., real estate practitioners and those in related fields. Fascinating! Such a big Duh, I know. But at least I’m starting to catch on. Social networking. It’s the future. It also feels like I’m Alice down the rabbit hole whenever I start following the clicks and links. I end up all sorts of interesting places.