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For Rent


Tonight I showed a property listed for rent. Not an activity I’ve often done in all these many years. Renters, it turns out, have similar concerns to buyers. Of course! What’s included in the price? How much are utilities monthly? Can you hear the neighbors on the other side of this wall? And, where is the closest grocery?

164 18th Avenue #B, Seattle.
3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, 1530 square feet.
Available June 15th for $1950 per month.
Click here for more photos and additional info.


On Wednesdays


Wednesday is hump day when you have a nine to five job; and it is hump day when you don’t. Luckily, after a very serious social media meeting, my very serious social media consultant agreed to celebrate the end of the workday by staying on to share a bottle of champagne. In order to get us over the hump.


My Cup


It’s running over!

Finding a penny will bring you good luck, as everyone knows. So I really exalt my even better forthcoming fortune when I find a penny on the ground. And I never fail to pick it up, no matter how in a hurry I am. It’s obsessive, and miserly of me, too, collecting them like this – I know it, but I just love to find something of value lying on the ground, waiting to be discovered and claimed. And then, I like to admire my collection. And add to it whenever I can.

I began collecting these particular pennies when I moved into my building five years ago today exactly, on June 1st in the year 2005. Times were different for me then, as well as for all of us. I thought it was extraordinary to be able to live someplace where I could walk to many of the places I go. Which is how I started finding the pennies.

My Uncle Mikey gave me this mug on a birthday where I was too young to have a memory of it. He never actually called me Cindy. Uncle Mikey called me Neeners, or Neener Brown, because, he used to say, this is what I called myself before I could properly pronounce my own name.

Uncle Mikey is gone; no one calls me Neeners anymore, but I do still have the mug to remind me of things that are past, also present, and all the while holding a lot of good fortune.


Memorial Day


The recalcitrant sun finally granted us a somewhat lingering glance this afternoon on an otherwise rainy, rainy, rainy week-end in Seattle. People were out in droves on Capitol Hill, some keeping that little girl in the pink sunglasses company while she awaited her sunny day ice cream cone.

Some were balancing in the fountain at Cal Anderson Park, even though this is not technically allowed.

Some, like me, brought their dogs along with them.

And others were just laying all over the sports playfield which is made of re-purposed rubber tires and therefore is not soggy after days and weeks of rain.


Camera Shy


It’s no use trying to hide. I’ll still bother you with my shutterbugging when the impulse strikes. And you look cuter when you just ignore me.

No, not this:


Or at least just give in and give me a little smile. I’ll leave you alone much sooner if you do.

Take your cue on this from the kids who gladly pose for me every time.


Seventeen Floors Above It All


Oh, I have terrible apartment envy. Tonight I visited my client who has become a friend in his new condominium downtown at Fifth and Madison. He lives in a magical place, I think, high above but right in the middle of everything. From his perch, he sees the Space Needle, Queen Anne High School, and the new 5th Avenue Theater neon sign, as well as looking down on the stunning downtown library and having a slice of the Puget Sound in the western distance.

He is unpacking. Maddie and Woody are adjusting.




You know we’re in a challenging market when a home this wonderful takes three offers and 35 days of market time in order to finally go. The important thing today, though, is that it is SOLD. Closing day makes all of us very happy.


Pajama Party


Happily, my little neighbors stop by for a visit most days. Tonight, they arrived in their p.j.’s and stayed a half hour past their bedtime because the party was raging.

We had a small accident, though, during all the fun.

But, as we told the children, You don’t want to cry over spilt wine.

And then we didn’t!

Don’t you just love my borrowed angel wings? Every girl should have a pair.