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    Not Quite Back

    School is supposed to start tomorrow in Seattle, but the teachers are hitting the picket lines instead and school is cancelled district-wide, allowing children everywhere another day of summer. To get my own self in…

  • featured properties

    Completely Magical

    In a happy development, a whole spate of appealing condominium homes have come on the market this past week. I tooled around with clients and visited several of them today on Capitol Hill and…

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    Luma Rising

    None of those imposing buildings being built all along the Pike/Pine are slated to be condos. Not any of them. All rental apartments. So many rental apartments. Until now, that is. This was made…

  • featured properties market report

    While Waiting

    This is the excruciating time between submitting an offer and waiting to hear our fate. The house is straight and solid, the neighborhood is quiet, the price is good; I expect they are reviewing…

  • things I like

    Splendid Spring

    Don’t be crabby about completely insane real estate market. It’s spring! Blue skies, warm temperatures, light until late. I get pretty excited when the sun comes into my northwest facing windows in the evening. For a…

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    Seeing the City

    An exceptionally active market means putting many miles on the odometer. I visit dozens of homes every week, all across the city previewing, showing, structural inspections, market analyses. It’s not drudgery. Not at all. Never.…

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    Your Offer is No Good Here

    Woe to some of us involved in the pursuit of real estate dreams these days in Seattle. What a week. But this is an open marketplace and there are those who are reaping unimagined gain instead.…

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    Out and About

    My business, as you would expect, takes me from place to place to place. And our current market remains so brisk that my own pace must keep up. In the past week I have…