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Georgetown Oasis


Oh, the surprises that await around every corner.

On a paint store errand this morning that turned into a bit of a field trip to the south end of town, I was introduced to Oasis Water Gardens in Georgetown where I met this turtle (and his more shy compatriot who mostly remained underwater). He was trying very hard to climb out of his pond to say hello.


Oasis Water Gardens is just as it describes itself: ponds and pond plants and bird baths and frogs, a greenhouse (where the turtles hang out), and a garden store in the basement of an old bungalow, all set on a large, farm-like lot in the industrial part of Georgetown. It’s probably been much like this here ever since the bungalow was built in the 1920’s.


Opened by owners Bob and Dianne Torgerson in this, their own backyard in 1988, Oasis Water Gardens is quintessential Georgetown. And, as the frogs in these parts will tell you, it’s water garden season, so maybe it’s time you got your own water garden going?

strictly personal

Shopping With Jan


The first time I lucked into to hanging around with Jan Sewell in a social setting, away from real estate, was in Palm Springs many years ago while we were there together attending a party thrown annually by fellow agents Mark Anton and Jim Richardson.

On that Saturday morning, a few of us Seattle agents went to the swap meet at the College of the Desert. I had never been, but Jan said I would love it. I remember it as a hunting expedition of sorts, watching how Jan worked her way through the rows of tables and booths, her famous eye for quirky artistry evident in all the things that made her pause. She bought a necklace, some African beads, and a few objets, ostensibly for her staging business: a lamp, I think, some pillows.

It occurred to me right then and there that this shopping thing Jan had going, it was the reason she started a staging business. She could satisfy her style-making impulses and she had a place to put everything!

After that, whenever I got a chance to shop with Jan, I embraced it. She was such fun in a store, finding and buying beautifully unusual pieces, sweeping us up in the thrill of that. Shopkeepers everywhere loved her. Of course!

Jan Sewell’s life was a wonderland of these collected treasures and they could not have landed anyplace better than here under her stewardship where we all have had the pleasure of enjoying them.