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Transitioning From Winter


I took this photo in January, glad to find hope on the branch of a tree.


Now this tree and all others like it are completely covered in pink. What a welcome sight, these harbingers of spring. So much better than when Seattle was frozen, like this:



And speaking of brrrr, a few weeks ago, I trekked to Leavenworth with my book group gals to find lots and lots of lovely snow.




Somehow, we made it over Steven’s Pass without incident, which wasn’t at all assured; the snow came before and after our trip, closing all the mountain passes several times that week. But we traveled both directions unimpeded, a beautiful two hour car ride.

Our destination, Harriet Bullitt’s Sleeping Lady Mountain Resort, was originally built by the Civilian Conservation Corp in the 1930’s, run as a camp by the Catholics from the 1950’s to the 1980’s, and redeveloped by Bullitt in 1995 into a magical retreat. Many of the original cabins have been preserved  (not too rustic; just the right amount of camp charm) .


Sleeping Lady has also long been renowned for its sustainable gourmet cuisine (dinner and breakfast included) which was such a treat. We also saw nonagenarian Harriet Bullitt in the lobby building after breakfast (speaking to local paramedics about response times), another treat since Harriet is one impressive gal, obviously still very involved in making things right.

Winter is nearly over now. Spring starts tomorrow, a little before 10 a.m. here in Seattle. And while winter has its charms, most of us are quite ready for the change of season.

Long days, warm evenings, here we come.