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Some Week-End Local Color


It’s true my life is colorful. How else could it be when one lives where I do and has Seattle at the doorstep?

Snapshots from the week-end:


Plymouth Pillars dog park at dusk on Friday (dusk occurring at 10:30 p.m. these days – disconcerting and wonderful!).



Capitol Hill honeys, admiring the nearby mural depicting a girl who is their friend, her face the size of a Volkswagen on the side of a building. Woah, dude. 



Smith Tower presides over Pioneer Square Saturday evening, where it’s dusk again at 10:30.



First Saturday night dinner served at bar Sajor on Occidental Plaza, chef Matt Dillon in the house. 



Little pixies imagine speeding away in my car2go except they don’t know the secret password to make it go. Happy Birthday, Emma.