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It’s Still Oyster Season


Today, after holding out hardly at all, I turned on the heater in my apartment. Skies might be sunny, but my rooms are cold. What a cheerless acquiescence to October.

Wasn’t it only just days ago that we were experiencing the bounty of the Northwest summer?

Yes. Yes it was.


My friends, Cari and Jeff, live on the beach on Vashon Island, and they have become oyster farmers. On a day in late August, our book group visited and accompanied farmer Jeff out to the water’s edge see what the catch of the day might be.




Jeff shows the gals how we can only keep those oysters measuring more than 2.5 inches, but still, there will be plenty for lunch.



After a brief confab on the beach, up we go to lunch and fresh-caught fried oyster sandwiches.


It’s hard to think of waiting for another day like this.

home improvement

Outdoor Kitchen


My friend Cari is remodeling her little cabin on Vashon Island so has moved her kitchen outside while under construction. It is exquisite in its utilitarian yet perfectly designed and gorgeous detail. Truly.

The living room is outside, too. Waterside.

market report

Making Sense on Monday


A general busyness occurred in the marketplace this past week. As reported at my Monday morning meeting, two long listed properties listed just below and just above $1,000,000 received multiple offers, one on Lake Samamish, one in Leschi. And two more recently listed high-end properties apparently received multiple offers as well, on Capitol Hill and in Madison Park. Agents in my office tell of dramatically increased activities at their listings and open houses over the week-end. A back to school energy seems to be having a positive influence out there. Get ready, kids.

That’s Olive, way up the beach on the west side of Vashon Island on Saturday. It was sunny that day.